Friday, January 31, 2014


DOB: 4/2004, SN: 1. VSD, ASD, receive the repair on Mar 15

 2006; 2. Postoperative bilateral cryptorchidism; other 

sensitive need.

Alonzo is apparently a character from the Disney classic “101 Dalmatians” ( fact check: Wikipedia), don’t remember him? Me neither. But unlike Alonzo in the movies, the human boy Alonzo is unforgettable. He desperately wants a family and he’s been waiting and waiting. He KNOWS his family couldn’t forget about him. He KNOWS his family is looking for him. His medical report is fairly new and we hope to receive new photos and videos of him soon.
Physical exam on admission (3 months old): 7kg in weight, 72 cm in height, 43.5 cm in head size, 43cm in chest size, moderate nutrition, clear mind, good reaction, stable breath, no swelling of lymph node, anterior fontanel disclosed 0.4×0.4cm, flat without bulge, rough sounds of both lungs with some rales, no specialty of heart, soft abdomen, 2cm under liver and rib, no pressing pains, no deformity of limb joints and no abnormal findings for nervous system. He occasionally had history of cold and diarrhea which has been cured in time. But he has no history of severe and infectious diseases.
On Mar 2006 he received repair of VSD and ASD (Tomorrow Plan). On Dec 2010 he received repair of VSD(Tomorrow Plan) in Children’s Hospital College. On Apr 2011 he received Orchidopexy(Tomorrow Plan) in the Hospital University. Body check: 128 cm in height, 21kg in weight, 50cm in head size, 59cm in chest size, 23 teeth, moderate nutrition, normal mental development; diagnosis:1. Postoperative CHD; 2. Postoperative bilateral cryptorchidism; 3. other sensitive need.
Motion development: coordinate action, can walk, run, jump, climb and crawl, can pat ball, can skip, can obey the game rules, can choose the color, and can draw.
Adaptability: can manage his life, can sleep alone, can defecate and urinate independently,; like sports, drawing and performing; can respect other people, can help do the housework, good assistant of teacher and caretakers.
Language and Social ability: can recognize many characters, can write words, can express his willing with language, likes talking with people, can joint games, can obey the rules, can read children’s songs and poems, can sing and dance, can do addition and subtraction within 100, have self-protecting mind.
Immunization: after admission he has been vaccinated BCG primary and secondary, OPV booster; DPT complete and booster, HBV, JEV, EMV, MV primary and secondary and flu.
Personality: active, open, brave, honest, strong and hardworking
Comprehensive evaluation: 1. Postoperative CHD; 2. Postoperative bilateral cryptorchidism;  normal intellectual development, normal physical development.
Legal representative: XXX
Sealed by: Social Comprehensive Welfare Institute
May 3, 2013
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Kelly HAS A FAMILY!!!!

This beautiful young lady is Kelly.  Kelly has won my heart. Her story is one of loss and overcoming obstacles....and she still smiles.
Kelly lives at Agape Family Life House and she is listed with Lifeline.  
This is what was posted about her on the Agape Facebook page.  
"This is our Kelly, she has 8 months before ages out of the adoption system. According to her adoption file, her special needs are greater than other older kids. But that doesn't stop her from growing into a beautiful and talented young lady. She loves and is really good at drawing and piano, she studies really hard in school. She always gets pointed to be the leader of her group even though she is not the oldest. We are trying really hard to advocate for her, hopefully she will find her forever family soon! So if you are interested, please join us in praying and advocating for her! Thank you very much!"

This is a video of Kelly playing the piano.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tiffany Silk/Candy

This beautiful young lady lives in a wonderful group home.  She is very much loved by everyone in her home.  Just look at that smile!!!  She is listed with Children's House International as Tiffany Silk. She was born 4/2001 and her special need is osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease).  Her name in her group home is "Candy".  If you would like to learn more about her please contact Heidi Hawkins at