Friday, January 31, 2014

Kelly HAS A FAMILY!!!!

This beautiful young lady is Kelly.  Kelly has won my heart. Her story is one of loss and overcoming obstacles....and she still smiles.
Kelly lives at Agape Family Life House and she is listed with Lifeline.  
This is what was posted about her on the Agape Facebook page.  
"This is our Kelly, she has 8 months before ages out of the adoption system. According to her adoption file, her special needs are greater than other older kids. But that doesn't stop her from growing into a beautiful and talented young lady. She loves and is really good at drawing and piano, she studies really hard in school. She always gets pointed to be the leader of her group even though she is not the oldest. We are trying really hard to advocate for her, hopefully she will find her forever family soon! So if you are interested, please join us in praying and advocating for her! Thank you very much!"

This is a video of Kelly playing the piano.

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